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The Infrared LED Pain Reliever. Using technology developed by NASA to heal astronauts' injuries, this device's 60 LEDs produce safe infrared heat to stimulate blood circulation, relieve swelling in joints, and loosen tight muscles.

Here's a fascinating laptop that actually draws its power from water.

The Telekinetic Obstacle Course - Hammacher Schlemmer - uses your focused brain waves to maneuver a ball through an obstacle course.

USB Drive. My stuff, protected!

Goji Smart Lock - takes pictures of who is at your door and automatically sends you picture alerts to your mobile phone, providing you with real-time information about who is accessing your home.

Nokia FIT: Ring-shape Wearable Phone Concept.

Banana USB Hub

Get a bigger screen for your phone with this magnifying gadget concept. If it was foldable, it will be nice to have, as an intel sharing tool to my team

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Hush uses noise-canceling technology to block outside sounds to help you achieve complete silence while also delivering you notifications from your phone.

Apple iWatch Concept

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Having to take a shower should not prevent you from listening to your favorite tunes or even answer that all-important phone call. All you need is the Splash Shower Tunes Bluetooth Shower Speaker.

In today’s fast moving world of technology, the past will soon be forgotten unless we choose to keep it around. Case in point, trends in the world of fashion and music are a good example of the past resurfacing all [...]

Iphone projector

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