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There's a local man who finds some of the best stuff and sits it in his front yard to sell. I bought this laundry cart from him for $7 and use it as a plant stand.

In the wettest place on Earth, the village of Mawsynram in Meghalaya, India are some of the most fascinating bridges you'll ever see. These "living bridges" are formed by locals who have trained the roots of rubber trees to grow into natural bridges. They are sturdy enough to far outlast man-made wooden structure bridges. Because of the relentless rain in Meghalaya's jungles, wooden structures would rot away. These root bridges are self-strengthening, becoming more sturdy ...

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Scottish pebble art picture: Birds

Beautiful pebble picture with birds using a mixture of natural materials. It is made in the Scottish Borders using natural materials gathered locally..…

DOUGLAS FAMILY DRUMLANRIG CASTLE The original castle was built in the middle of the 14th century by the Douglases. Sir James Douglas (known also as "The Good" or "Black Douglas") was a right-hand man of Robert the Bruce. He was entrusted with carrying Bruce's heart to the Holy Land but was killed in a battle with the Moors in Spain while on the way. To this day, the coat of arms contains a winged heart surmounted by Bruce's crown (see graphic on the right). Drumlanrig is built of local…

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How Did Victor White III Die in the Backseat of a Cop Car in New Iberia, Louisiana?

How Did Victor White III Die in the Backseat of a Cop Car in New Iberia, Louisiana? | VICE United States

the ones we used at the rink were more worn out than these

Seville is a city with a complex history, but it's not just the monuments and historical recounts that tell us about the city's past. There are also a handful of historic bars to be found in the city. Here are our recommendations for historic bars in Seville that you can't miss while you are visiting!

Christian Louboutin Riviera Capitonne Strass Clutch ($1,445) found on Polyvore

Teens learned the art of henna at the Athens-Clarke County Library on Thursday, taking an opportunity to apply the temporary body art that has been used since ancient times in the Middle East.