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Day 14: Asami Sato (Avatar: the Legend of Korra). In the first season, she only really existed as a love interest for Mako and a source of tension in the Krew, but the direction they've taken with her character is A+ and I absolutely adore her RELATIONSHIP THEY'RE IN A RELATIONSHIP IT'S CANON THEY'RE CANON with Korra.

DIY Cork Coasters Tutorial – Avatar the last air bender Elements. *gasp* OMG WANT!

Avatar: The Last Air Bender



Who killed the moon? #Avatar the last airbender

AHHH A CAPE!!! Korra


"You have indeed felt a great loss, but love is a form of energy and it swirls all around us. The Air Nomads love for you has not left this world, it is still inside of your heart, and is reborn as new love." - Guru Pathik

AH! This is fantastic. And I live just outside of Knoxville! I must find this van.

Avatar: The Last Airbender personality types

Raava and Vaatu by Neesha.deviantart... on @deviantART

Avatar The Last Airbender



Look at all of them!!!

Older Krew Profiles by kaiayame

Balance by will-ruzicka

The kids comforting Korra - so sweet!

Painting of the sky bison. I love this artwork and teared up when it was destroyed.


And it is

Legend of Korra

Kyoshi Warriors. If i had any friends or even if my sister liked avatar then i would do this :( Forever alone avatar lover!