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ZsaZsa Bellagio – Like No Other

Focus on what you have to gain..

I love this thought! So simple & yet so deep. Think about the times you have focused your mind with negative thoughts of empty or half full in any aspect of your life. Now try to see the option of that area of your life being re-filled. God Bless You!

THIS is one of many reasons why we work so hard at being great leaders - to both our BEACHBODY fitness customers and our Fit Club Network Coaches. Click the pic or link if you're interested in us mentoring you in this awesome business #johnmaxwell #leaders www.thefitclubnet...

Could Christians apply this to church life??!!!!!

always remember

Oh the people who go on and on on Facebook about things they know nothing about. You don't get the world and how it works if you lived in a bubble your whole life. If you knew what you were talking about you would not have to be so loud about your opinions.

No choice.

Don't complain. Just show (with your actions) that bad actions will not be tolerated and just walk away.


"Treat the world better than it treated you." Love this! Gotta remember this for bad days

The struggle you’re in today is developing the strength you nee for tomorrow.

You are allowed to terminate toxic relationships. You are allowed to walk away from people who hurt you. You are allowed to be angry and selfish and unforgiving. You don't owe anyone an explanation for taking care of yourself. SO TRUE!!!!!!!!! LET THEM GO

dreamer. doer. thinker. believer. endless possibilities.

Life Picture Quotes

Don't let yesterday take up too much of today.

Oh so very true!

Food for thought.

#inspiration so true

Let go