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    Students, working in pairs, take turns rolling two dice. Each student must choose a different colored marker or crayon to use. The student outlines and fills in a rectangle that matches what they rolled. For example, if the student rolled a 4 and 3, that student would fill in a 4x3 rectangle on the grid. The player then writes the total number of squares inside the rectangle. A player loses a turn when his or her rectangle cannot fit on the game board. Play continues back and forth...

    Make arrays by rolling dice. I would adapt this for second grade by having them write the repeated addition instead of the multiplication equations.

    multiplication color by number (lots of varieties)

    Math Coachs Corner: Using Area Models for Multiplication, Perimeter, and Area

    Coverall multiplication game - 2 players take turns - roll 2 dice and multiply those 2 numbers then color in the same number of squares as your product - first to cover all of the squares wins. This blog also has a variation of snake for multiplication!

    Multiplication Array cards - perfect for teaching my visual/spatial and bodily/kenisthetic learners!

    A little above my grade level but what a fun game to teach with... Dice multiplication Real Estate Game--Roll the dice and find the area. The winner has the most real estate area on the graph paper.

    What little Descartes could have played as a toddler! Players toss two dice, form a coordinate pair, and place a marker on that intersection. They take turns, each trying to be the first to get four markers in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally. #math #game #dice Analytic Geometry

    Lego Geometry (area/perimeter)

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    Wonderful explanation and anchor chart to teach matrix multiplication of 2-digit by 2-digit numbers! This method is not like lattice multiplication because it shows students the place value involved in 2x2 multiplication. They can actually see the process of multiplying the ones and tens of one number by the ones and tens of the second number.

    Love this multiplication game idea! Perfect to connect area and multiplication! All you need is dice, markers, and graph paper. Use laminated graph paper and dry erase markers to make a reusable center.

    Teach children to recognize multiplication and addition problems that are the same (for example, 2 x 3 and 2 + 2 + 2) with a series of fun math puzzles! Free printable for download.

    Spiral - a multiplication game...easily adjusted for addition!

    This fun DIY math puzzlers game uses craft sticks to create a cool math game for kids to practice and play.

    Math Manipulatives--multiplication, division, addition, subtraction...something easily adaptive for any level

    Keys to Math signs. Paste inside math journal.

    The yellow notes have different signs (multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction) and then you can pick two white notes with numbers.

    Fun way for kids to practice telling time. The dice have either numbers or 15 minute increments on it. Kids roll the die, and then have to put the right time on the clock.

    Our Fraction and Nomenclature cards are a great hands-on learning tool for introducing fractions to your students. Fraction work includes definitions, division, subtraction, multiplication and addition.

    Students play this game like Tic Tac Toe, only they are trying to make a row that adds up to 10 (or any other number you choose).