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this girl is amazing!! I love her DIY projects, I have to try this out!!

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How to pose for photos! I put it on this board because I mean really, If you start propping things in front of you to lean on for every photo- you're going to look a bit absurd. Group photo: NO WAIT! I NEED TO STACK SOME BOOKS RIGHT HERE AND LEAN FORWARD.

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interesting? A, E, I, O, U   This is an awesome trick I learned to get some different expressions from a model. If you just tell your model to smile or laugh, chances are you will get tons of photos of the same expression. Instead, Tell her to smile or laugh while saying  the vowels out loud. (Go ahead. do it in the mirror and see what I mean.) Not only does this get different expressions but it allows for photos where it looks like the model is smilling and talking to someone. Below is an...

Great clean edit Photoshop tutorial - so good to see this. Too many photos are over processed, over saturated and skin tones over blown. This is lovely.

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