behavior board. When students do something good, pull out a stick with a number on it (1-100). When 10 numbers in a row are colored in, students get a party! Love this idea!!

I'm intrigued by these individual student data folders...could act as a portfolio and give students more ownership...It says 1st grade, but could be adapted to any grade :)

Brain Break! When kids get wiggly, set timer for 1 minute and complete activity until the timer goes off.

The BEST reward system yet... Classroom or otherwise.

Teaching In The Fast Lane: 50 Student Rewards That Don't Cost a Thing

Do you ever have a student that just needs to get out of the room for a minute and get a new perspective? Give them "The mysterious envelope" to deliver! This is brilliant! Plus more behavior modifications.

Dollar Store find. Facial clothes for white board erasers.

REDO slips are a GREAT way to hold students accountable with their work!

Behavior Management- When class gets an entire row of numbers filled in (horizontal, vertical, diagonal) the class will receive a special reward/party.

Visual chore chart, not in pockets but a board with Velcro and student name cards

A cute idea for student rewards, a baking sheet and a picture of brownies with magnets pasted on the back. Each time the students earn a square of a brownie for good behavior, when the pan is complete you bring in brownie treats :)

posters bulletin board?

Help Wanted Job Chart...very cool!

Great trick for teaching how to make 10. Students use a highlighter to find the "10" and then circle the other number with a crayon. Brilliant!

Bazinga - an awesome review game for most any subject and any grade. Students are in teams, I ask questions, and the students answers them. If a team is correct they have the chance to pick a Bazinga Card and we do what it says (e.g. double your score, erase 1 point from another team, switch the team captain of the winning team with the team captain of the losing team, etc.).

Create a wonder wall for students to update or add their thinking

First day "about me by the numbers" activity

Classroom Behavior

Love this! Can be used for academic goals and behavior goals.

By developing an in-depth understanding of noncompliant behavior, K-12 educators can help even the most troubled students learn to function cooperatively and re

WOW! Give each student in the school 1/4 of a circle and then put them all together to make this mural!