Played jump rope at school too. The P.E. Department had enough funds to buy many jump ropes for us to play with at recess. You were really good if you could do double dutch.

This jamming jump-rope group hosts sizzling summer camps for kids, weekend workshops for rope warriors, and open jump evenings for adults. (Say that ten times fast.) @ Northwest Double Dutch

2010 USA Jump Rope National Competition-Bouncing Bulldogs Large Team show

Double Dutch

Lol!! So true! When people ask what sport I play, of course I say competitive jump rope. And they always say. Like I said what sport do u play. Like this pin if you agree jump rope is a sport.

Double Dutch Jump Rope!!

Chinese Jump Rope... My favorite! I used chair legs when no one was around to play with me!

loved these when I was younger

Played this all the time during recess at school!!


Rainbow Brite!

Land of the Lost

Chinese Jump Rope - all the girls were into this game.

One of my childhood favorites!

Facts Of Life

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double dutch

80`s Toys ~ I had them all, but I STILL have my Strawberry Shortcake dolls in the attic & they STILL smell!!!

Little professor

etch a sketch

Plaid lunch box