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Gel nail manicure using only your nail polish & no UV light. Thicker & freshly polished even after 2 weeks. *NEED: GELOUS Advanced Nail Gel Coat (Sally Beauty Supply), ANY nail polish color, ANY clear top coat. *Apply: (1) 1 coat GELOUS (to clean, smooth, dry nails; let it set for a few mins). (2) 1 coat GELOUS (let it set). (3) 1 coat nail polish (let it DRY). (4) 1 coat GELOUS (let it set a few mins). (5) 1 coat nail polish (let it DRY). (6) 1 coat clear top coat (let it DRY)…

from WhoWhatWear

The Trick to Longer-Lasting Nail Polish

OPI’s BondAid pH Balancing Agent ($16) - apply it before the polish; the formula is the consistency of acetone, but when brushed on before a base coat it creates a very porous canvas to which the polish adheres. It can be used before regular polish. While it’s primarily a professional product designed for salons, it is available in beauty supply stores. If you’re using it at home, paint a single coat onto clean, dry nails, let it dry for about 10 seconds, and then apply your base coat.