Hahah funny family photo

Remember to do this ♥ Always kiss your father goodbye

Wedding photo

Wedding Ideas / No seating charts! I love this! Especially for couples who may have a huge family on one side and small family on the other. This is such a good idea.

Oh my gosh this is adorable and hilarious!!!

@Mollie Swendrowski. this would totally be you!

5 poses must do! ha love it, they are stinkin adorable

Such a cute photo!

Kate Spade,"Mrs" necklace. Someone tell my future husband I want this for our wedding :)

YES!!! group pic!

"tying the knot" wedding invitations

5 Fun Wedding Photos – Chicago Wedding Blog

Now THAT'S a wedding photo.

Role reversal.... hilarious

This cracks me up! Everyone getting ready the morning of the wedding! I want a photo just like this!!

This wedding kiss gave me an idea. I think it would be cute to create my own little love notes, print them out, and attach them to the bottoms of Hershey Kisses. I'm definitely going to do this next Valentine's Day! ~DLP




haha, this would be so funny.