Taylor Swift-hata's gona hate, but I think she is naturally gorgeous-Ive seen her from about 15 feet away with hardly any makeup on, and her skin will lay the smack down on SNOW WHITE. Rock on TAY TAY

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i love this photo her makeup and hair everything's great [ "alltaywell: “““My parents taught me never to judge others based on whom they love, what color the

SOSOSOSSOSOS A Taylor Swift é muito v1d4 L0k@! E isso é maravilhoso! Amo que Taytay tem fama de destruidora, pegadora – não nega – e, depois desse clipe, vai ficar com ~fama~ de psicofreak, muito amor, quem não se identifica? É que ontem a internet parou de respirar por aproximadamente 4 minutos pra ver o …

Todos os looks da Taylor Swift no vídeo Blank Space

'Taylor Swift Blank Space Looks' wish i could have every single one of these gorgeous outfits. since i'll be at the taylor swift concert for halloween, maybe i should dress like her?