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Horse kisses. I miss my two horses! He always came to the fence when I drove back from high school, so I would drive slow and he would walk with me. He always came towards me too when I visited him or it was time to feed. He liked his carrots and sugar cubes...along with a big hug!

"I lick him 'cuz I love to hear him giggle." (horse)

I was just thinking about this yesterday. I want to do this with my babies in a pair of my grandpa's old cowboy boots :)

Cow Kiss....OMG if I could get a pic of this with Paige, I'd be pretty excited..

"Pucker Up!" | Just in time for the holidays: another fabulous pic of cute Pembroke Welsh Corgi Stoli, via Flickr - Photo Sharing! © Holly Hildreth Photography

Animals are amazing.....this shows me people are capable of being amazing too

Little Girl ever so Gently kissing her Beautiful Horse ♥

still a better love story than twilight

It has been said that every girl must kiss a few frogs before she finds her Prince Charming.