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So True

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This is so true...

Most people are too focused on their physical self and their vanity!

Well, look at you

up all night

I have said this silently to myself many times.

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weak bitch(es). (Still stalking by page fat ass?)

Couldn't agree more! That is what he did to you and other young ladies. Wake up K, stop being so naïve!!! *

i am so similar to her. except suicide is not an option...i must endure.

I don't know why I'm laughing at this... probably because I know it's true! LOL!

Ok I couldn't help but die laughing at this one.....

Make a positive change :)

happy is beautiful

people around you


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so very true....

SoTrue ...

Peace I Leave With You--my blog post about WHY I chose peace for 2014. Plus a free printable John 14:27