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Garth & Kat -- Halloween.

Us Weeklyfrom Us Weekly

Kristen Wiig: Best Saturday Night Live Characters and Impressions

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garth and kat. YES.

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Ryan Gosling. if i wasnt in a commmited and loving relationship i might jump him <3: Ryan Gosling, Ryangosling, Dogs, Late Night, Guy, Dog George, Animal

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//♥⚓ i'll let you go~ if you stay ♥ ⚓

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Jack Karen Will Grace


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Bahaha...yup : Funny Pictures Of The Day 56 Pics

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The best tweets ever

Lauren Conradfrom Lauren Conrad

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Let's roll!

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Usually my husband, not kids...he has a phobia about using the last bit of anything and tossing container...

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Jen and Bill. This is awesome.

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And on a different day, he picked up this guy. | The 18 Most Awesome Things That Ever Happened At Whole Foods

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.So true!!