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This adaptation of Gillian Flynn’s 2009 novel, out August 7, promises to put Charlize Theron back on Oscar’s radar for the first time in a decade: She plays Libby, who’s reckoning with the murder of her family 30 years ago and now uncertain whether she rightly condemned her brother for the crime. #booksintomovies

When Robert Kincaid drives through the heat and dust of an Iowa summer and turns into Francesca Johnson's farm lane looking for directions, the world-class photographer and the Iowa farm wife are joined in an experience of uncommon truth and stunning beauty that will haunt them forever. The romantic classic of the 1990's. - Publisher description

A book everyone should read at each important stage/milestone in one's life. The meaning changes and stays the same no matter how old you are.

"A good book should leave you...slightly exhausted at the end. You live several lives while reading it." #quotes #reading

I dream of bathing in a vat of honey... Recommended. The movie was good, but the book is where you'll find the honey.

Little Women Little Women Written by Louisa May Alcott. Illustrated by Reisie Lonette. Junior Deluxe Editions, 1950.

"The thirty books listed here are of unparalleled prose, packed with wisdom capable of igniting a new understanding of the world. Everyone should read these books before their thirtieth birthday." ....I am going to do it. #1 Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse (DONE)

If you love books, these places will blow your mind…