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  • Hannah LePage

    denim shirt, white pants, great pair of saddle shoes. mens style, effortlessly #timeless

  • Andre Mercier

    denim shirt, white pants, great pair of saddle shoes. mens fashion style

  • Danny Mendez

    fashionable people need fashionable friends.... :..( makes me cry inside haha

  • Maxim Gurkin

    wearethemarket: Ariel and Shimon Ovadia.

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Brothers Ariel and Shimon Ovadia; not quite sure where the sons are though.

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shoes. instructions from site: I mixed the dye and got the shoes completely wet with warm water. I then let them sit halfway submerged in the dye for a minute or two. Since the shoes were wet the dye was drawn up past the point they were submerged creating the fade to white. I let them dry over the next two days and the rinsed them out top to bottom which helped to create an even gradient.

Often the stalking hipster will freeze, and pretend he is invisible. Be careful not to frighten the stalking hipster in these quiet moments, this is when he is the most fragile.

is that...? hmm. | More outfits like this on the Stylekick app! Download at

Guys on a stoop texting. Boy is wearing suede loafers with no socks, rolled up chinos, a blue blazer and blonde hair.

The entire picture is grand from the Mustang to his pairing of Chambray and white pants with that belt. Oh wait you have a terrible hair cut.

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