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Christy Sprunger Shaffer - LaGrange Co. woman gets 4 years in toddler’s death- ONLY SERVES 77 DAYS FOR MURDER!!!

This toddler, rescued during a raid on a Meth lab, was found covered in battery grease from playing with an old car battery. Both inside and out, lab paraphernalia and chemicals were found within the child's easy access. Outside, she and her brother, both barefoot, played among more hazards. The toddler tested positive for Meth.

from schurz-southbendtribune

Judge in case of toddler's death bows out

Please help this sweet angel get justice! PLEASE sign the petition and share, the monster who beat her to death - and died while in her car seat- ONLY SERVED 77 DAYS!!

Toddler homicide results in prison sentence of just 77 days - TOPEKA, Ind. - Facing growing criticism and anger, a judge in northeast Indiana has stepped away from a mysterious and controversial case involving the death of a 16-month-old girl. How the toddler died is tragic. But some say what happened after her death is downright shocking, prompting calls for a new investigation.

A Kansas toddler had a small octopus of the kind used for sushi lodged in his throat, prompting police to arrest on suspicion of child abuse the 36-year-old man who was with the boy at the time, local media reported on Wednesday.

Toddler's death gets national attention - 'Inside Edition' reports on circumstances around LaGrange County girl's abuse