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    Christy Sprunger Shaffer - LaGrange Co. woman gets 4 years in toddler’s death- ONLY SERVES 77 DAYS FOR MURDER!!!

    • Tracy Walker

      Christy Sprunger Shaffer - LaGrange Co. woman gets 4 years in toddler’s death- ONLY SERVES 77 DAYS FOR MURDER!!!

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    LaGrange Co. woman murdered 15 mo. old toddler and only serves 77 DAYS!!

    Christy Sprunger Shaffer MURDERED ALISSA AND ONLY SERVED 77 DAYS!!!

    (2013) Woman in toddler's death back in jail on meth charges - Crime & Courts - South Bend Tribune

    Louise Peete was a convicted American murderer. She married four times, each of her husbands committed suicide. She was accused of murder in early 1900s but was acquitted convincing the court that the death was in self defence. In 1920 she was imprisoned for life for murder only to be released 18 years later. She became a housekeeper for an elderly couple but was convicted and sentenced to death for their murder. She died in the gas chamber at San Quentin in 1947. She was 66 years old.

    Reports: Daily Mail Shocking images of physical injuries suffered by a toddler whose body was found in the woods were taken by family members months before his death but no-one went to the police. The remains of Colton Brandt Turner, two, of Austin, Texas, were found in a wooded area

    Rally for Justice on Behalf of Slain Toddler, Alissa

    In 1996, 19-year-old Christa Pike was sentenced to death for the murder of Colleen Slemmer from Knoxville, Tennessee. After killing her with a blow to the head, Pike took a piece of Colleen's scalp as a souvenir. She was the youngest person on death row at age 21. On August 24, 2001, Pike strangled inmate Pat Jones with a shoe string nearly choking her to death. She was convicted of attempted first degree murder on August 12, 2004. She is currently the only woman on Tennessee's Death Row.

    11/28/94 - JEFFREY DAHMER (born 05/21/60) was beat to death while serving a prison sentence. He was a serial killer and sex offender who murdered 17 young men over a 13-year period. The murders involved rape, dismemberment, necrophilia, and cannibalism.

    Kenisha Berry might have gotten away with her crime had she not duplicated it. The Texas woman used duct tape to bind her four day old son and left him to suffocate in a dumpster near her home. It was six years later that Berry's daughter Parris was found in the same spot, bitten severely by ants but alive. Berry confessed to both crimes. A death sentence in the murder was commuted to life in prison with parole possible at 40 years. 3 other children are in foster care.

    On August 16, 2009, Christie Scott intentionally set fire to her Russellville, Alabama, home, killing her six-year-old son. Evidence showed she purchased a USD$100,000 policy the afternoon before the fire. Sentenced to death on August 5, 2009, she became the first woman in Franklin County history to be sentenced to death.

    Timothy John Evans was a Welshman accused of murdering his wife and infant daughter at their residence at 10 Rillington Place in Notting Hill, London. During his trial, Evans had accused his downstairs neighbor, John Christie, of committing the murders. Three years after Evans's execution, Christie was found to be a serial killer who had murdered a number of other women in the same house. Before his own execution, Christie confessed to murdering Mrs. Evans.

    Angela Johnson was the first woman sentenced to death by United States Federal jury for her involvement in the murders of five people, two of them children. Sentenced to death in December 2005.

    Please help this sweet angel get justice! PLEASE sign the petition and share, the monster who beat her to death - and died while in her car seat- ONLY SERVED 77 DAYS!!

    MBI - Murdered by inmates, the monster who tortured and battered his partner’s two-year-old daughter, Sanam Navsarka, to death has been murdered in prison on Feb 14, 2013. Subhan Anwar, 25, is believed to have been held hostage in a cell at high-security Long Lartin Prison in Worcestershire before he was killed. Two inmates aged 47 and 45 have been arrested on suspicion of murder.

    Roseville mother Denise Wilder was sentenced Friday to 10 years and four months in prison in the 2012 death of her 2-year-old daughter.

    On May 18,1983, near Springfield, Oregon, USA, Diane Downs shot three of her children, killing 7-year-old Cheryl, wounding 9-year-old Christie (who suffered a disabling stroke), and paralyzing 4-year-old Stephen. She was sentenced to life plus 50 years.

    Anjette Lyles was born in Georgia in 1917. Between 1952-1958, she murdered 2 husbands, her mother-in-law and 9-year old daughter by arsenic poisoning all for the insurance money. In 1958, she was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death. She was later found to be insane and spent the rest of her life at the state mental institution in Milledgeville, Georgia. She died of a heart attack in 1977 aged 60.

    Phillip Carl Jablonski, 16, first attack was on his sister when he put a rope around her neck. He also sexually abused & strangled his first wife and a girlfriend. He murdered Linda Kimball in 1978 & served 12 years in prison after she broke up with him when he attempted to rape her mother. He married Carol Spadoni while in prison. In April 1991 he sexually assaulted and murdered Carol and her mother, college classmate Fathyma Vann, and Margie Rogers. He was found guilty and sentenced to death.

    In 1998, 14 yr old Josh Phillips murdered his neighbor, 8 year old Maddie Clifton. He said he had accidentally hit her in the head with a baseball while playing. He panicked, took her to his room and beat and stabbed her to death. His mother found Maddie's body under her son's waterbed a week later and called the police. He was convicted of the first degree murder, and sentenced to life in prison without chance of parole.

    Darius Simmons of Milwaukee, the 16th African-American male murdered under Stand Your Ground Laws since the murder of Trayvon Martin. Darius was 13 years old, unarmed, and in his own yard when his white 75-year-old neighbor came over to accuse him of having robbed him of his gun collection. Darius was at school at the time of the robbery.