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  • ᗪᗩﬡᓮᙓᒪᒪᙓ  ☯

    truth about Black Friday #ecard #humor For more quotes and jokes, check out my FB page:

  • One Plaid Aunt

    .so true... American culture does have its flaws...

  • Simcha McIntosh

    Black Friday. So true, so sad.

  • Allison Herod

    Funny stuff

  • Jessica Brubaker

    so true! I'm so thankful I have a job where I never have to work a black friday in retail again, and I also get black friday and I will be one of the few that stay home that day. Hate black friday!

  • Amanda Harp

    black friday.. true story

  • Therese Klein

    truth!#commercial ads #funny ads #funny commercial #interesting ads|

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1st World Problems... hahahaha, I've actually thought at least 3 of these things this week.

So true..especially when you are forced to get up at 5:30 in the morning -__-

This is so true! How are we (college students) supposed to fit our 3 5000 page books, notes and papers, and a laptop on that little desk?

I Dont Mind Cancelled Plans Either

True. The most true pin ever pinned. I'm so guilty of this and the I get the "are you serious!?" Look from my husband and then he says," from now I'm force feeding you before letting you into any store with food". Lol

every time. I think this is an INTJ thing. I don't know anyone else who 'gets' this!

haha this is why i must approve all things before they can be posted on my wall!

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Legos. In just about every room of the house.