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You can take me out of the south, but you can't take the south out of me.

I've always said Southern is a state of mind...I'm not from the deep South but I'm from below the Mason Dixon and I have way more in common with the Belles than any yank ;)

If you like southern girls raise your glass, If you don't raise your standards. TFM The truth BABY!!!!

Southern Girl.. Need I say more? :)

The South- perfect explanation....but "ain't" is in my vocabulary.

I was born in TN. I lived in MS until Summer 2011. Then, we moved to AL. I'm as Southern as it gets, y'all!!

One of the few parts of a "Southern" upbringing I both actually got and will never let go of. "For us southern girls."

Southern Girl Shirt by christimaher on Etsy, $21.99

Southern Girl. From the state that never wants to admit it's the South and the South never wants to claim but south of the Mason Dixon Line we are.

I can't believe this mentions Sun Drop! Love it (all except the beer part)! Should say "hunting" instead of beer....yep.