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Graffiti Art Recipe You will need a blender to make the mixture and if you plan to grow your moss outdoors you will also need a seed tray filled with compost. • Several clumps of moss • 1 pot of natural yoghurt or 12oz buttermilk (or 1 can beer) • 1/2 teaspoon of sugar • Plastic pot (with a lid) • Paint brush • Spray-mister

Moss Graffiti tutorial (much better link than the illustrated image floating around Pinterest).

diy moss graffitti, yes live moss growing on your walls, patio or signs, letters, etc, cool mist it to keep it alive

Peony walk in Amberley Open Gardens, West Sussex

Frugal Dad breaks down the steps on how to start a space-efficient and easy-to-maintain square foot garden. I agreed with everything but the idea that blueberries were a small plant. WHAT?! they're a bush that only gets bigger.

A door to a this! @joyful mara

25+ Clever Ideas Gardeners Won’t Want To Miss