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  • c w lancaster

    Gardening ideas, indoors/outdoors, growing food? Sustainable? #todo ... aquaponics, hydroponics by Tahneelynn, via Flickr

  • Natures Hydroponics

    #Aquaponic gardening is another type of Hydroponics, using Fish in a tank to "fertilize" your #Vegetable plants. The water from the fish tank is circulated to the growing trays to provide water and nutrients to your plants.

  • Megan Gray

    I was thinking about a fish pond with koi... not fish for eating, the top plants could be tears with water falls running back down to the main pond.

  • james smejlis

    Aquaponics System for Growing Food

  • France Survie

    Denver's aquaponics project aims to turn "food desert" into an oasis of health

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Simple contained aquaponics ecosystem that will produce fish and veggies while lessening water and soil consumption Something to check out

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Aquaponics! Grow fish and food with a system like this:)

@ Beth Olliff - Aquaponics - this is the article I was telling you about!

Simple but effective aquaponics. Good for raising fish and plants to certain size that is more likely to survive.

Self-sustaining fish ponds and compost production for growing vegetables.

Grow your own vege AND fish at the same time! You'll use LESS water, produce MORE vege two to three times faster (because fish poop makes for happy healthy veges) and have your own supply of healthy, "organic" fish all year round.

How Aquaponics works, barrelponics.

Aquaculture is the symbiotic cultivation of plants and aquatic animals in a re-circulating system.