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  • Gopinath Yang

    The apple logo is knwon in many places. Since apple products are so revolutionary, many people recognize the company right away when they see the logo. There are no words; it is just an apple that speaks for itself. The apple is not overcomplicated, its simple but unique with a bite of the apple missing to the right of it.

  • Bill Matlack Jr

    Apple .... They make the best stuff !

  • Craig Gartland

    Not just a company a culture. "Think differently" Apple fills peoples need to have slicker and nicer things. An apple product is not just a accessory it's a fashion statement. Just walk down the street any given day and see the amount of people you see with white earphones listening to music. Straight away you think they must have an apple product. Having one of the most charismatic people to ever grace gods green earth also help might I add. Rip Steve Jobs.

  • Samantha Leith

    The worlds best brand. Apple Apple Apple Apple

  • Kim Katovich

    Apple Apple Apple Apple ipod, ipad, imac, iphone, Apple TV love, love, love, love!

  • Amazing Brian Nyagol

    Apple Apple Apple Apple products are the best selling electronics products in the US. Many are Apple addicts

  • Matthew Carey

    How Apple Has Changed Our Technological World

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