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    Sweet Baby Jesus with your tiny fists balled up please send me this beauty, if it is your will! ....Friesian horse black stallion dressage

    So lovely!

    Black Beauty

    Black Horses

    black and beautiful

    A Curly is a breed of horse. Curlies, also called Bashkir Curlies, American Bashkir Curlies, and North American Curly Horses, come in all sizes, colors, and body types but all carry a gene for a unique curly coat of hair. The Curlies are known for their calm, intelligent and friendly personality. They show an easily trainable temperament. They are also known for having a tough constitution and great stamina.


    The Akhal-Teke is a horse breed from Turkmenistan. Only about 3,500 are left worldwide. Known for their speed and famous for the natural metallic shimmer of their coats.~. THE COLOR IS AMAZING!!

    What a beautiful horses ! If only I could draw it,but my drawing skills probably will never reach such heights.

    black horse with a star

    Horse 3.... Take a picture of your horse ... Print it out on your computer / printer .... Glue with cheap glue to thin cereal box type card board ... Let dry, cut out , put in middle of paper ( water color paper is good ) you can spray around it with watered down craft paint in spray bottles or you can put the cardboard you cut the horse from and use that as a stencil ... Try a few times on news paper to perfect ... Might even work for on a door or wall

    Focusing on White Horse III Measures 27.75 x 51.75

    Focusing on White Horse III Measures 27.75 x 51.75


    Black & White Horse..Perfect



    Fresian Horse

    Stunning black beauty

    friesien horse alexander the great | Friesian Horses for Sale from Black Sterling Friesians