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Antique buddha - Colourful Frame Antique Tara statue Tibetan Nepal

Antique Tara statue - Tibetan - Nepal

sculpture of Tara (Tibetan female counterpart of Chenrizig, the Tibetan name for 'Avelokiteshvara' -- the bodhisattva of compassion)

Lucifer, The Fallen Angel, the Bright Morning Star, the Light Bringer ... Servant of God, Archangel .. Illuminator. All will be Revealed. Lucifer is STILL a Servant of God. In the End. <3

Prajnaparamita is the feminine aspect of the Buddha. She is known as the Mother of all Buddhas in Mahayana Buddhism. Prajnaparamita symbolizes the perfection of Buddhist wisdom (enlightenment, awakening). Here, Prajnaparamitra is shown doing the Dharmachakra mudra (gesture), symbolizing the turns of the "wheel of law."

Kwan Yin ("She Who Hears the Prayers of the World") was originally the mother goddess of China, who proved so popular she was adopted into the Buddhist pantheon as a bodhisattva (much like the goddess Bride was made a saint). A bodhisattva is a person who has attained enlightenment but chooses to forgo Nirvana and remain in the world to help others attain enlightenment. Kwan Yin's specialty is compassion, and She is known as the Goddess of Mercy.

Niō 仁王 Guardians of Sanjusangendo Temple, attributed to Tankei (1164-1249) The Niō (Jp. = Benevolent Kings) are a pair of protectors who commonly stand guard outside the temple gate at Japanese Buddhist temples, one on either side of the entrance. One has its mouth open and the other has its mouth closed, said to represent life and death, the beginning and the end. The open-mouth version is commonly placed to the right of the temple, the closed-mouth version to the left.

Thangka Paintingsfrom Thangka Paintings


White Tara the female Bodhisattva of compassion, healing, long life and serenity. Also known as "The Wish-Fulfilling".