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I love pics like this :) I really like how he is involved in the maternity picture and not in the back ground like soomee

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Love this pose for a maternity shot... except they need to smile... why does everyone look like their life is over in maternity shots?

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Love the pose - hand shows it's maternity

Rather than a side profile, try turning mom three-quarters away from the camera and bring her face back to half-way.  In this pose, you achieve a pleasing facial profile while minimizing the size of her pregnant belly.

Peekaboo does such a great job - and this lady is the cutest mama-to-be!

You can see that by simply asking my client to put her front leg slightly forward, and lift her heel slightly, we have completely transformed the look of her legs.  I also asked her to place her hands on her belly to show the connection to her baby.  So, remember,  get your clients to point that front toe with the heel slightly lifted (and they key is to keep it natural looking!)