WICKED - Only in New England. New England Welcome Sign of the Day: Spotted by Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire on New Year’s Eve.

Really!? Huh. I thought driving underwater was safe.

What's the most ridiculous sign you see here? Or What is the most ridiculous road sign you have ever seen? Or Create your own ridiculous road sign.

Hoping some of you got a snow day today!- YEP Thursday, Friday, Monday- well you get the idea--- :-)

Most Places Would Call This A Crippling Snow Storm. In Minnesota We Call It Thursday! This one is for my new friends Julie & Stacy.

Christmas in San Fran

A snowy day in… Istanbul, Turkey! I know it snows in Istanbul, but I always have a hard time picturing it as anything but warm. (via istanbul foto istanbul photo istanbulun resimleri)

Danger misquito carrying person crossing..  WELCOME TO NEW ORLEANS!

Southern Summer Skeeter Alert, Click the link to view today's funniest pictures! Looks like Louisiana to me. I think we should get a few of these signs posted for this Summer!

Meanwhile in Wisconsin…

New England seasons in pie chart form. Equally accurate for Pennsylvania weather

NOT for speeding donkeys...

Roads signs needed in Canada. - my kids always called them "squiggles"

uh huh

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Pretty much sums up all ski trails.

Pretty much sums up all ski trails.

Funny pictures about Skill levels explained. Oh, and cool pics about Skill levels explained. Also, Skill levels explained.

Nantucket, Cape Cod MA.

Nantucket, Cape Cod, Massachusetts - quaint and classic New England! Find more to do on Cape Cod.

I really need this for a few of my hides, lol

I can not tell you how many times in geocaching THIS sign would have been valuable. This is SO funny!

Minnesota Middle Finger is the first piece in a series by Minneapolis-based designer Phil Jones called Minnesota Nice

Funny pictures about When a Canadian gets angry. Oh, and cool pics about When a Canadian gets angry. Also, When a Canadian gets angry.