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Not your average popsicle stick crafts

DIY Easy Kids Knitting Loom

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Fun-O-lympics! 6 Olympics Party Ideas

Snack Toss Game— This could be just one part of a mutual night where things "stick". AT the end of the evening - gather everyone and ask them Therefore, What? How can we stick to the commandments? How will our lives be blessed if we always "stick" with God and following the prophet? Don't let them leave the night without gathering them and finding a principle to your evening

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Painting with Coloured Ice

Home-made water colors of kids!! Cant wait to get the kids painting!

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toddler “busy bag” swap!

popsicle stick puzzles!

Popsicle stick bow and arrow! Soak the stick in water for a few hours, bend, tie string into grooves, cut q-tips with a small groove and shoot!

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Simple Wood Crafts


Fairies in a jar. DIRECTIONS: 1. Cut a glow stick and shake the contents into a jar. Add diamond glitter 2. Seal the top with a lid. 3. Shake. I found glow sticks at the Dollar Tree. I used a mason jar that I had left over from the Salt Art in a Jar project. **WARNINGS AND TIPS: "Be sure to read the warning on the back of the glowstick package. The ones I used were nontoxic but will stain clothes. Also, I used glowstick necklaces with the thought that it would be easier to cut than a…

These would be good to make and keep in your purse for keeping kids busy at restaurants. Kids love pictures of themselves!

Craft sticks, boiled in water for 15-20 min., will bend into cups and then become bracelets. fun....then paint and decorate.

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Avengers Bookmarks Craft for Kids

Brinquedos criativos com material reciclado para fazer em casa ou na escola com os pequenos: Marcadores de livros

Sound unit?? Glow stick xylophone. Put the glow sticks in cups of water and an aura comes off in the dark, when you tap them. Gotta try this!

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Build a Chain Reaction with Popsicle or Craft Sticks

Exploding sticks: Arrange 4 sticks into the pattern shown at website. Add another stick to the top to secure the end. This stick must go diagonally across to hold down the ends of the top horizontal stick and the right vertical stick. Build the chain by adding craft sticks, one at a time to each side. Each stick should go over one stick, and under one stick. If a video would help, you can check out the post at Mom Trusted. X