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our own JuNK Gypsy airstream, amie's and indie's little love shack! designed especially for mama and daughter. . . vintage BUFFET turned into kitchen counter!

"Sometimes I wish I lived in an Airstream...homemade just like a gypsy"

One of these days I will buy a vintage mini trailer camper and revamp it to make it über girly I'm talking pink glitter everything!

"Grey Dog" vintage boutique in Arkansas, is based out of an Airstream trailer!

Small spaces...

This reminds me of the Airstream my mother and father had when i was about 5 years old. Red 23' Airstream

Vintage Caravan Style via

Really like the location of the bed! Fernhills - Gypsy Caravan and Roulotte Builders in Worcestershire.

Airstream turned mobile office...insanely cool!

roadtrip bus fitted out by Linekin Bay Woodworkers in Maine Home + Design...I think this would be a good option for our road trips?

Vintage Campers @Sean Glass Glass Glass Glass Glass Allred let's buy all of these and travel the world.

Gypsy trailer window...

Ok I'm really loving the turquoise drawers with the red knobs... do I feel a future color theme coming on???

camper interior decorating | Camper Renovation- A different kind of interior design

VW Bug & trailer

Glamping Trailers Inside | Gotta love a sun room off the glamper!!!!!

good looking 'bed down' setup. check our the short pole beneath the middle section

Hard to believe this is in a truck trailor! It's so posh and perfect!

Trailer decorated with vintage textile/linens giving the sleeping area a "gypsy wagon" look. "Sweet and Dreams" embroidered pillow cases hung above bed opening with a pink fringe shawl draped in between white ruffled curtains...