How to make Glitter Balloons - perfect for a birthday party!

These glow stick ideas are SO MUCH FUN! There are so many amazing things you can do in the dark!

No helium needed to fill balloons for parties.....just vinegar and baking soda! I need to remember this! |

table set up. perfect balloon arch

glitter balloons!

New Year's Eve Countdown. Kids pop a balloon every hour. Each balloon is filled with a different activity to do. Gives 12 different activity ideas.

YES PLEASE Money Balloons - a cool way to present money as a gift, esp for a young person (as opposed to a boring check in a card). I have a friend whose parents blow up a balloon and put a one dollar bill in it and have the number of balloons for how old their kid is on their birthday and then after they open their presents they can pop open the balloon and get their $. very cute.

Easy deviation for any party. Just need some balloons, decorative box, tissue paper and a colorful tube and u have the perfect centerpiece. Took me less then 15 mins from start to finish.

Fill clear balloons with confetti, blow them up, and rub them on the carpet to make confetti cling to the insides. Put letters on the balloons and hang them to make a banner.

Light up your summer nights with this cool DIY LED balloon idea from Brit + Co!

Mix Modpodge with glitter. Paint on whatever you want to sparkle.

Birthday centerpiece idea for any age -- tie balloons on top--fill with any candy.

photo birthday party hat how-to

To get balloons to hang upside down, just put a marble inside before blowing them up

Adult Birthday Celebration Ideas

How to fill balloons.. Instead of pinatas for parties

frozen balloons.

glow sticks in balloons!

"Oh, the places you will Go" Transportation Theme party or Graduation #dr. Seuss

Glow Stick Balloons Fill balloons (white or colored) with glow sticks for an awesome party decoration, or just as a fun past time for the kids. After your balloons are half filled with air, carefully insert a glow stick or two, and then finish blowing them up and tying them off. These would be cool hung upside down from the ceiling!

Christmas Party Balloons