My heart melts for clematis!

Pretty Rose-covered birdhouse!

Bluebirds have found a house to build a nest in among the blooming Clematis.

Little Birdhouse Villageww

bird house: clematis


Among the flowers

Clematis climbing up post and around bird house

It's easy to make your garden into a more inviting place for birds and butterflies to gather.

Fairy Castle - I want to have one of these in my garden

Headboard sprayed chartreuse as a garden trellis. I got one of these at a yard sale for $1 this summer and I have been waiting to use mine to grow scarlet red runner beans on...


Teapot Bird Nester

Ville de Lyon clematis growing up a lovely birdhouse

Tiny birdhouses on the fence - would look good at the end of our garden |

Rustic "Birdhouse" Fence


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