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Trying this now - Lemonade Kool-Aid and a dishwasher

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Lemonade Kool-Aid as Dishwasher Cleaner. Clean lime deposits and iron stains inside the dishwasher by pouring a packet of Lemonade Kool-Aid (only one that works) into detergent cup and running (empty) dishwasher.

I tried the dish washing one on my dog. He know smells like a dishwasher

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Easy way to remove stains, even old ones.  Instructions  1 Combine equal parts ammonia and water, or use Windex. If you use Windex, use clear or yellow solution. The blue solution should not stain the carpet, but watch it carefully. 2 Heat up an iron to the highest cotton setting. 3 Soak the stain with the solution of your choice. If the stain is large, work in small sections. 4 Place a white towel on the section you're cleaning. Do not use a colored towel, or the color may transfer to the…

how to get Kool-Aid and other colorful stains out of carpet. I'll be glad I pinned this later.soak stain with clear Windex or equal parts ammonia & water. Put a white towel on it and iron using highest cotton setting.

plastic placemats in the fridge for easy cleaning. And a basket for the eggs?! Cuuuuute!

Refrigerator mats made from plastic placemats … great idea! And it saves on cleaning the shelves, just pull out and clean the mats! Refrigerator mats made from plastic placemats ……

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Annually there are dryer fires. Help prevent fires by cleaning inside your dryer's lint trap every 6 months.

hot iron, white towel, windex or ammonia/water mixture to clean stains that are not orange out of carpet

55 Must-Read Cleaning Tips, Tricks And Hacks (for the home and more!)

hot iron, white towel, windex or ammonia/water mixture to clean stains that are not orange out of carpet / cleaning tip / life hacks

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11 Amazingly Easy Hacks to Keep Your Car Clean and Organized !

11 Amazing Hacks to Keep Your Car Clean and Organized

Daily Shower Cleaner    1 cup of White Vinegar  2 cups of Water  2 teaspoons of Dawn dish soap    Mix together and spray down shower (Watch how clean it stays it is AMAZING)    Hard to find the cost exactly but I come up with $.11 and the bottle lasted me about 7 weeks

Building It On Pennies: Saving Pennies (Dollars in this case) - DIY recipes for dish washer soap, rinse aid, fabreeze, windex, carpet fresh and more.