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    Novelist Sara Marie Hogg explores the life of two famous people who were attacked by animals in the circus.

    Novelist Sara Marie Hogg explores those strange things that fall from mysterious skies.

    Novelist Sara Marie Hogg takes a closer look at the mysterious ghost writing of Pearl Curran.

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    Shamans in the Americas live in a world where the Creator is not separate from the Creation, Heaven is not separate from Earth, and Spirit and matter infuse each other. The shaman does not believe in a division between the body and the spirit, or between the visible world of form and the invisible world of energy ♥ ~Shaman, Healer, Sage

    you already possess the four basic facilities of parapsychology

    5 Ways to Get High Without Drugs or Plants - Since the beginning of time, humans have enjoyed getting high. From peyote to fasting, from booze to orgasm, people love to alter their consciousness and feel good. Some argue that addicts and alcoholics crave this transcendence more than the average person, noting that our brains are just wired differently.

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    mariannavermiglio... → thepieshops: How To Conduct a Seance

    Blaqmercury In Mind | radgency: Rudolf Steiner Book Covers - Personal ...

    Novelist Sara Marie Hogg explores the life of The White Mouse, the woman who served as a spy during World War II.

    PSYCHIC PHOTOS! Mary Bell Sledge had a remarkable ability to take “pictures” with her mind. She would hold a roll of film in her hand and describe a place she’d never been to before. There was no camera involved. When the film was developed there would be an incredibly detailed picture of the place she had described. Many scientists, skeptics and professional photographers tried to debunk her, but nobody succeeded. Mia Zabrisky books: Cabinet of Oddities

    The Occult Significance of Blood Rudolf Steiner Boston: Occult & Modern Thought Book Centre, 1912.

    Paranormal Investigator French Psychic Medium Jeanette Q. Baird Flew all the way in from Paris France to become Possessed by a ghost or demon at a paranormal investigation in New Mexico. Gayle Knapp sends us this photo as what she believe to be the image of a real ghost that haunts a young single mothers Roswell Haunted House. She Believes this is the most haunted house in New Mexico.

    Madame Blavatsky, "The Path that leadeth on is lighted by one fire - the light of daring burning in the heart. The more one dares, the more s/he shall obtain."

    The Knights Templar & Baphomet