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Quantum physics tells us that nothing that is observed is unaffected by the observer. This means that everyone sees a different truth, because everyone is creating what they see. —Neale Donald Walsch

Laminin - the glycoprotein that holds together every cell in your body. Notice anything about its shape? Watch this video to find out more (I saw this presentation from Louie Giglio at a Chris Tomlin concert - blew my mind!) #science #God #cross

Novelist Sara Marie Hogg explores the life of two famous people who were attacked by animals in the circus.


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NASA's next missions

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Niels Bohr Print 11x17 - Famous Seniors

Niels Bohr, the face of Quantum mechanics, perhaps the most nonsensical theory of science ever. So nonsensical that the only thing going for it is that every experiment confirms it.

As above, so below, In the meta and the quantum and in between. Twin flame 'theory' explained?

Albert Einstein's Legacy. When Einstein accepted the Noble Prize for the theory of relativity, he said: If you are giving this award because you think I thought it up, I cannot accept out of good conscience because it was revealed to me; but on the other hand if you are giving me this because I discover the math in how to explain it to everyone else then I accept. (Operative Word It Was Revealed To Me? Divine Deity or Divine Inspiration, Both the same.)