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The History of Absinthe Infographic. Nice to see something like this being mostly accurate: there is a lot of misinformation elsewhere!

The history of Absinthe Absinthe come from the Latinh word "absinthium"meaning wormwood. Absinthe is herbal spirit,tipically of green color. The basic ingredients of authentic Absinthe are wormwood( artemisia absinthium),green anise fennel.

Butterfly - Boston 1902 Swiss Absinthe 70cl Bottle

Made in Boston around re-born in Switzerland in Butterfly Absinthe, originally made in Boston from around has been brought back to life and is made by the distiller of La Clandestine Absinthe.

Everyday Objects Blended With Simple Sketches by Javier Perez

Pérez Estrella aka cintascotch is a graphic designer from Ecuador. Perez have a special way of looking at everyday objects. Instead of seeing what most of us see, he see how they with simple drawings added can transform into … Read

Absinthe Carafe Decanter:)

Absinthe Carafes And Decanters Are Used To Slowly Add Ice Cold Water To Your Glass Allowing The Louche To Form

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congo history - Google-Suche

Absinthe Poster showing colonial officials enjoy a refreshing Absinthe;