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Photo Tips

Had to create a new board for these, but they are photography tips - I need these!!! And I know a lot of other people who do too.... thank goodness slides are no longer popular...

If you're selecting a more standard-shaped table for a tiny dining nook, interior designer Gina Fitzsimmons, ASID, advises you choose one with a pedestal base so people can easily slide in and out of their seats. Another tip: "For maximum space efficiency, the table should overlap the seat by just one inch," she recommends.

Vintage Food Ads That Would Never Run Today- Nestlé's Nothing gives children the "right start" in the morning like chocolate! At least according to this ad from 1940.

Steven Colbert is not longer doing The Colbert Report I will miss the Good Times, As Far As We Knew | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

a place to mend the hearts of everyone who feels alonefrom a place to mend the hearts of everyone who feels alone

The world isn’t half as bad as we’ve painted it to be. ♥

I like to believe that even if we’re not together in every other lifetime or dimension, I at least passed you on the way to the market once or twice.

They were. So were kaleidoscopes. gaio the nostalgia nook

Baby Ruth Yes, Baby Ruths are exactly the type of fuel your body needs, according to this 1934 ad.

Diana Savona. newest work: Fossil Garments Series. 'Mending Fossil (Queen of Mending)'. 50"H x 32"W. 'As part of daily life, sewing is a dying skill. Expertise that was passed down, mother to daughter, for hundreds of years is now dying out: types of mending are no longer general knowledge...In my latest series, Fossil Garments, the work is presented as fossil specimens. The deconstructed garments - sometimes embedded in handmade felt - are offered for inspection on taut surfaces. By…