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  • Jenna

    Parents give you two things: life and love. The rest you must earn for yourself, and you will be a better person for it.

  • Princess G  // Photography By Princess

    Importance of Family Tradition. A podcast with Linda Burton and Jean Stevens on the value of family traditions.

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Scripture Art, Bible Verse Art, Faith Based Art, Luke 1:45, 5x8 art print on wood

  • Jenna Perdue

    Completely gone! A "MIRACLE" even by my Neurosurgeon's standards. I'm not here to condemn you or tell you my way is the only way of believing. All I'm saying is that I know the goodness of my God, and I know through Him I feel more fulfilled. The God that I serve is not some "Sky Daddy" as you put it. He is a Heavenly Father that also blesses and guides me here while I am living on Earth. And I love to let others in on that good news! :)

  • Beatrice Githinji

    Thanks for the message be blessed.

  • Tiffany Gray

    Wow! Jenna, your testimony is amazing! I was so blessed reading it! Thanks for encouraging me today!

  • Jenna Perdue

    Thanks ladies! Glad it encouraged you! :)

  • missy anderson

    Pablo, you feel his love and experience miracles even if your don't want to believe it. You breath everyday as he is breathing the air into your lungs to do so. , you are able to see through eyes he has given you and he has blessed you with a mind to use as you chose even if you use it to deny all the love, blessings and miracles you take for granted daily.

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Marriage takes commitment & trust people.. If you're not prepared to put your whole heart into it you don't need to even be considering marriage in the first place. 25 yrs strong & still going

  • Janni M

    39 years and still happy fasting and prayer will get you the right one the first time.

  • Jessica Haro-Juarez

    Sorry, I disagree with you Janni! Happiness to you and yours for your long lasting love, but that only happens if both involved are willing to put effort. So no, it doesn't happen first time for every one!

  • Janni M

    Well you are right also Jessica it doesn't happen with everyone, my experience yes has been wonderful, & if the other half doesn't want to make an effort well that is unfortunate. Both have to have the same goals & be in sync with one another. My comment was a bit narrow minded wasn't it. Sorry!

  • Jessica Haro-Juarez

    Janni, I appreciate your response and again am happy that you were able to find it first time around. Please no apologies. I appreciate your happiness just wanted to show another perspective. I found it the second time around and I'm extremely happy! I hope everyone can do the same.

  • Janni M

    Jessica, so happy you found happiness the second time round that is wonderful, sometimes people don't show who they really are until after the fact which is sad. I hope everyone can find that same happiness also.

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Definitely not a fan of the purple but I think if done right, this could be the perfect space saving solution for the library/office area. :) Gonna do this but in black or hmmm... maybe red. I don't know, colored furniture makes me nervous! lol I need TWO wooden coffee tables and a desk like this I'm gonna saw the tables in half to make the shelves.

I really, really don't care and have been like that since I was young. Whether it's a good or bad quality...guess what, I don't care. LOL I'm me and I don't need anyone's approval. :)

  • ❆Mandy Henderson❆

    It very well could be a Mandy thing! :D

  • Lisa Sexton

    You're welcome, Kimberly. It's not easy, because I have always been a people pleaser, but the older I get, (I'm 48 now) the more I realize you have to think about yourself once in awhile. I felt selfish doing it at first, but it gets easier. I'm still about giving people a second chance, but after that......buh-bye! LOL If you don't like me for who I am, it's your loss, not mine. I would rather spend my valuable time on all the people in this world who love me for who I am, than spend it on one or two people who are never happy no matter what you do. Life is short.....spend your time wisely!

  • ❆Mandy Henderson❆

    AMEN! It's no wonder we are sisters. :) Well said!!

  • hill latto

    Very well said. Wonderful quote

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Motivation! This is absolutely ME! Love it. The day I stop trying to death is the day I give up. This speaks for relationships and just plain life. -SR Giving up on people is hard, but I've learned it has to be done. Working on a relationship can NOT be one sided. Take that problem away and life is better.

"Covenants with God help us to know who we really are." —Jean A. Stevens

"Your choice to believe and keep covenants will leave a rich legacy of faith for those who follow you." —Jean A. Stevens

"Every mighty change of heart matters to the Lord. And it will make all the difference to you." —Jean A. Stevens

My Mema collects tea cups. This would a fun thing to do in my home as a tribute to her!

High Community value talking. (commentary via The Voice Bureau | Family Quote from kensiekate via Etsy.