I tell my fatass Stella that she looks like a disgruntled owl on the regular



your cat has NEEDS


But the most beautiful interruption ever <3 <3 <3

I live in da hood


Cats then and now. Omg I think I laughed a little to hard at this... I am A crazy cat lady!!!


funny cats

*is giggling* =3

Hahahaha <3 I really need to do this. Always <3 10


I've had pillow stealers, 3/4, and butt warmers. Thankfully right now Har sleeps on her own bed (occasionally snuggles next to my pillow at the edge of the bed) and Angel sleeps in the middle or in her own spot, and only curls up on my chest before I pass out and when I wake up.

oh cats


Pusheen the cat <3 :-) love the batman one

Oh, cats!

That is just hilarious

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