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Baklava | Nutty and sweet, this classic Greek dessert is surprisingly easy to make!

صينية الباذنجان بالكفتة - مطبخ منال العالم

Step-by-step instructions for authentic Greek baklava

KABSA SAUDI FOOD WITH EMAN - كبسه السعوديه معي إيمان - YouTube

Temptation, Thy Name is Baklava ~ Baklava with Cardamom, Honey and Pistachios. Ask anyone from the Eastern Mediterranean who makes the best baklava, and chances are they will answer "we do"!

Baklava from This reminds me of the Greek Festival...this is going to get made at my house!

Lebanese Baklava sweets! sweets I love!!

PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION FOR RECIPE AND VARIATIONS. You can put whatever you want in this baklava. You don't have to follow my recipe perfectly. Make it to your own taste. If you like ghee, use ghee. If you prefer pistachios, use them, if you prefer cashews, use them (very yummy actually), if you like more nuts, put as much as you wan...

▶ أطيب تبوله في العالم - YouTube