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Mark MacDonald. Author, Creator of the Venice Nutrition System, and now the Spokesperson for Monavie RVL.

Lose weight with a powerhouse of nutrition---love MonaVie!

Mix up your daily diet for the good with MonaVie Nutritional Chemistry™. This new approach to everyday nutrition harnesses the power of science and nature to help you live a healthier, more meaningful life. Delivering head-to-toe wellness, MonaVie Nutritional Chemistry features MonaVie Elements—powerful products that provide scientifically validated benefits.

Do you try to fix all your health issues by popping a pill into your mouth? Really think about it, not the best way to improve the condition of your health. Change your habits! Good nutrition is #MonaVie & #RVL, it may actually change your life!

mindbodygreenfrom mindbodygreen

5 High-Fat Foods That Are Actually Great For Your Mind, Body & Metabolism

Nourish your #mind, #body & #metabolism with these 5 high-fat #foods. #LynxFitness #GetOnBoard #Lynx #HealthyEating