How to Be a Bath Puff

DIY Loofa Bath Puff costume, this is what im going to be for halloween.

Lo que necesitarás: 1. 10 yardas de tela de tul 2. Carrete de cinta 3. Leggings de un color similar a la de tul  Costo total: $ 17    Paso 1. Doble la tela por la mitad en sentido longitudinal y comenzar a rodar  Paso 2. Una vez enrollado en un cilindro, cortado en secciones de 5-6 pulgadas  Paso 3. doblar por la mitad como corbata tiras a un pedazo de cinta  Paso 4. Ate la falda en la cintura y ya está listo para arrancar

Adult Tulle Skirt for tooth fairy, fairy godmother, etc, costume Maybe black with purple or orange or green tulle Cute for fairy godmother if daughter is Cinderella and husband as the prince

DIY Bubblebath Costume - Like the rubber ducky headband!

This site has some great easy diy costume ideas! cute costume, and love the added duckie headband! I would add a long sleeve white shirt and white leggings so it's less revealing, but other than that it's a cute idea!

Thing 12!!!!We need to do this for Halloween

16 Halloween Costume Ideas

Bubble bath costume!?!

Bubble bath Halloween costume - white balloons (safety pin on), rubber duck and rubber boots.

reminds me of the spanish day of the dead. dia de los muertos or something, but i dont speak spanish.

Halloween Makeup Ideas For Creepiest Halloween 2015

dia de los muertos make-up! I doubt I'll ever be good enough to do make up like that! It truly is art!

Fleur de douche

Pin for Later: 70 Mind-Blowing DIY Halloween Costumes For Women Bath Puff A bath puff costume is sure to be one of the most creative costumes of the night! And you can make it yourself with string and colorful tulle.

Homemade Couple Costume: Sexy Buzz Lightyear and Woody... This website is the Pinterest of costumes

Homemade Couple Costume: Sexy Buzz Lightyear and Woody

Homemade Couple Costume: Sexy Buzz Lightyear and Woody. Buzz Lightyear's body would have to be a bit more covered, though!