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Could totally do this!

Projects Using a Roll of Wallpaper

DIY Projects Using Wallpaper: Make your own hanging wall art with a few wallpaper scraps. Roll the top and bottom of the wallpaper over a wooden dowel and attach with glue or staples. Tie a decorative ribbon or cord from the top and its ready to hang.

framed fabric - I think I will update my framed feed sacks to this style.

Lots of good ideas! 39 Easy DIY Ways To Create Art For Your Walls - Some wonderful and creative ideas! Frame a fabric or wallpaper sample.

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Take a piece of wood, cover it w/ fabric, add hooks and you get a great jewelry hanger. Or you could add hooks to a picture frame and have a beautiful picture with jewelry.

Decorate the inside of an armoire with wallpaper - I like it.

This is a good idea for the inside of cabinets as well, not just for armoires. Wall paper isn't just for walls!

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DIY Art - Framed Wallpaper Create your own wall art by cutting out 12 squares of wallpaper in four different patterns and framing them. Hang them in a rectangle shape on the wall for easy, eye-catching art.

Create a colorful photo display using inexpensive mats.

Winter Organizing Tips

Add a pop of color to your black and white photo display. I don't know if I like all these colors together, but maybe just a few colors instead.

No matter where your wedding will be — outdoors or indoors — this decoration idea will look nice everywhere and your guests will like it. If you want to add vintage chic to your big day, take old ladders or make them older artificially. You can use a ladder as a backdrop for your photoRead more

25 Perfect Wedding Decoration Ideas with Vintage Ladders

Like the idea of using hanger to hang children's artwork

Use household items to hang pictures, like wooden pants hangers for art in the laundry room. from 39 Easy DIY Ways To Create Art For Your Walls