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This art piece titled "Frau Holle" is totally digital. The artist, Catrin Welz-Stein, is a German graphic designer who uses vintage photographs, and other old illustrations to create her work.

Que Deus derrame chuvas    de bênçãos em sua vida!

The secret of genius is to carry the spirit of the child into old age, which means never losing your enthusiasm - Aldous Huxley.

Tudo Junto e Misturado

It was late, I couldn't sleep. Slowly I noticed that the moon,the stars and the night sky had slowly dripped and flowed into my room. It gave me comfort to be surrounded by such infinity.


Inspired by children’s books, fairy tales, German artist Catrin Welz-Stein created intriguing mixed media illustrations using vintage photos.

Às vezes olho para a lua e começo a chorar por que ela é a única que pode ver eu chorar quando estou com vontade

Girl sitting in moon that is melting. Shall we lay amongst the beach whilst the tides ebb and revive. Eying the light seizing our night; or shall we imagine ourselves upon the crescent moon as it controls our time waxing and waning.

Watch Out, by Catrin Arno

"Watch Out".an owl wearing a top hat.it doesn't get much better!


Fábulas e gatos por Yuko Higuchi

♞ Artful Animals ♞ bird, dog, cat, fish, bunny and animal paintings - daltr'Onde

Hans Zatzka! Hans Zatzka (Viena, Áustria, 08 março de 1859 – Viena, Áustria, 17 de dezembro de 1945) Pintor classicista austríaco.  Também valeu-se dos pseudônimos: P. Ronsard, Joseph Bernard …

Pinturas de Hans Zatska!

Sammy Slabbinck

Sammy Slabbinck combina um aspecto vintage e contemporâneo

Playfully distorting proportion and cultural context, Belgian artist Sammy Slabbinck’s work comprises surreal collages and illustrations that somewhat unexpectedly combine vintage with contemporary images

Cliff silhouette of girl jumping color art When i fall in love, its like jumping off a cliff and into the ocean without looking first to see if theirs rocks at the bottom or clear, deep, sparkling ocean water waiting for me. I dive in, i give my all, its a rush; and i fully accept the consequence.

Cliff silhouette of girl jumping color art When i fall in love, its like jumping…