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It's a good thing to remember while meeting new people... Looking out over the crowd at a baseball game last week, I thought to myself "All of these people have stories. Some may involve sickness, anger, bitterness, heartbreak, fear, abuse..." Never forget that you're not the only one with story. Be sensitive to that when you meet someone for the first time.

your life is your message to the world. make sure it's inspiring. #words #wisdom #inspiration Make it reflect Jesus


For some inexplicable reason I immediately thought of you Jen!

"Be curious, not judgmental" - Walt Whitman #quotes #curiosity #inspiring

"I want raging nights, dark and wild, lit only by the city, bonfires and cigarettes. I want sun kissed mornings, breezy and free, interrupted only by the voice of lovers and friends."

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If Howard Schultz gave up after being turned down by 217 investors, there'd be no Starbucks. It's your dream, protect it and keep going.

Sometimes we are the answer. Be.Do.Give #healthysouls #apparel #foracause #makeadifference #inspire #dogood #feelgood #worldchanger

Kurt Vonnegut

Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come #alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. - Howard Thurman

There comes a time when you have to stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn't even jump puddles for you.

Jack Kerouac quote

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This will forever be one of my favorite quotes. Such a young girl that had experienced such pain and suffering, yet she was still able to find beauty in life. Simply amazing.

Mad respect for her.