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  • Shannon Curtin

    Glitter jars for kids time out

  • Ashley Lawson

    Relax Bottle / Time Out Timer for kids! Made with water bottle, glitter glue, & glitter.

  • Deb Kaufman

    Relax Bottle/Time Out Timer Posted by crazyblessedlife ⋅ October 3, 2011⋅ 698 Comments Filed Under glitter bottle, glitter calm down bottle, glitter time out bottle, glitter time out timer, mind jar, relax bottle, Sensory activities, sensory kids, time out, time out timer, ways to help your child calm down

  • Sarah Shewell

    Time out bottles a.k.a. sensory bottles - I used Elmer's glitter glue, super fine glitter, and a few drops of food coloring.

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