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I'l b ur habibti b my habibi u'll b my best friend that i share all my secrets with I'l push u to b the best that u can b. I'l listen to ur troubles dua everyday In happy moments I'l b there to laugh the joy with u In sad moments i'l b there to console u ur pain I promise to make our home a place of comfort In return promise to wake me up for Fajr Since we'v completed half of each other's Deen, we'l fear Allah with the remaining half of our Deen InshaAllah

Safaa Hanaa -LILET ELHENA- صفاء هناء -ليلة الحنة - YouTube

Ya habibi you are the one that I hold dear to my heart, how can I describe you Ya habibi just thinking about your sense of humor that puts big a smile on my face Ya habibi what did I do to deserve a guy like you,your one of kind thats so hard to find nowdays inshaAllah Ya habibi I hope to love you for the sake of Allah Swt only, there for you in times of struggle and in times of ease in times of sorrow and in times of happiness,I always want to see you happy,forever smiling…

60+ islamic marriage quotes #Marriage #islamic #Quotes

What a beautiful bride & groom 😍👰🏻🎩❤️…

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