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alot is an animal.

You don't write alittle, abunch, acantaloupe, aporkchop. So don't write alot. I'm going to start writing acantaloupe.


Working out. Yeah, this about sums it up a lot of the time.

I HAVE to quit asking this question!  My 4 dogs must think I'm an idiot!

This is so our dog Chipper. lmao Did you seriously just ask me if I wanted a treat? Have I ever said no, you twit?

Dear shaving commercials, stop shaving hairless legs. If you want to impress us, please shave a bear.

YES like seriously, don't shave hairless legs if you want to impress the rest of us shave a bear lol. i wish i had hairless legs to shave.

Russian blue kittens - 17 Pictures (8)

Very interesting post: Russian blue kittens - 17 Pictures.сom lot of interesting things on Funny Cat.


Joke All You Can: Instead of saying LOL, I'm gonna say SALTS ( smiled a little, then stopped). It's more truthful