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Vintage Circus

Museum of Death, Hollywood, CA. "This stomach-churning homage to murder, dismemberment, and rigor mortis houses (among other things) a collection of serial killer artwork, photos of horrific accidents and famous crime scenes, and the guillotine-severed head of the murderous Bluebeard of Paris."

halloween? i hope.

Vintage Circus Freak Show Oddities

Annie Jones raising a glass. Annie Jones (1860 – 1902) was an American bearded woman, born in Virginia. She toured with showman P. T. Barnum as a circus attraction. Photo c.1888

Serial killer

Man Sweeping Floor of New York Stock Exchange after Crash. 1929.

Vintage Gal: The Pierced Man, a circus performer from the 30’s.

Vintage Circus


Creepy Vintage Photos

Female Serial Killers

Vintage Circus Sideshow

i love old circus photos

Serial killer

While filming an episode of ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’ in a funhouse in Long Beach, someone adjusted a dummy which hung from a noose & accidentally broke it's arm off. While gluing it back on, they saw what looked like a real bone. Turned out to be the mummified remains of Elmer McCurdy, an escaped criminal from the Oklahoma pen who had been killed in a shoot out. His body had been sold to a museum where they charged a quarter to view it.

vintage circus

Epic Vintage Circus