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Heart ringfinger tattoo - I don't have a tatto but I love the simplicity in this one!

Absolutely in love with this placement. Simple, yet bold.

"there's no love without forgiveness" -- love the placement of this!

Scratch sometimes! ALL THE TIME:) hings, people and places... Letting go of what was never yours even you lived under the illusion that it belonged to you... Self control is rare and occasional gift for majority of us...God, what "people control" we are talking about?

Love Tattoos Note to self: Maybe add my kids names with this?

l o v e. finally a sleeve that isn't just roses. - #célfiesan

I'd love to have a tattoo like this! Classic animated blue birds & gorgeous pink roses

next tattoo i've been wanting: beloved on my wrist. why? because that's what amanda means. still considering different scripts.

Want this over my heart. Lindsey Herring will u have the key? ❤️

Image detail for -butterflytattoocouple.jpg Butterfly Hand Tattoo

Looking For Your True Love, Your Just One Click Away, What's Stopping You