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Twinkl Resources >> How To Grip A Pencil Poster >> Thousands of printable primary teaching resources for EYFS, KS1, KS2 and beyond! pencil, how to grip a pencil, poster, banner, sign, nib, flip, grip, how to hold a pencil, writing, taught, shown, grasp,

Pre-K Pagesfrom Pre-K Pages

Tips for Teaching Scissor Cutting Skills

Tips for Teaching Scissor Skills

10 activities for teaching letters and sounds. Assessment and directions for each activity. Great for classroom volunteers or for parents who want to work with their child at home.

Mrs. Karles Sight and Sound Readingfrom Mrs. Karles Sight and Sound Reading

How to hold a pencil: The Alligator Trick

How to help your child learn to hold a pencil correctly - great trick!

Teaching how to hold pencil: cut two holes in an old sock for the index finger and thumb. The other fingers remain in the sock. Genius!!

I Can Teach My Child!from I Can Teach My Child!

3-5 Years

3-5 Years This is the age of pretend play…in the mind of a 3-5 year old, they can be anyone or anything they want to be. Whether it is an astronaut walking on the moon or a princess waiting to be rescued by a big, bad dragon, your child’s creativity is at its finest in these years!

Learn with Play at Homefrom Learn with Play at Home

The A-Z of Learning Letters. 90+ ways to teach your child all about Letters.

The A-Z of Learning Letters. 90+ ways to teach your child all about Letters!