I have always wanted a Polaroid camera don't know why though haha ~ @p_u_r_p_l_e - @bestfriend_bucketlist- #webstagram

Neeeed to do this

I wish there happened to be an ice cream truck strolling past us so we could have some ice cream at the beach.

beach coverup #Summer #Tanning I miss summer :(

All I can think of when I see this picture is, "Watch out! [ Waterbabiesbikini.com ] #summer #bikini #elegance

Enjoying the summer sun on the beach in a white bikini

Can't wait for this

♥ i want this to be my life. and i cant wait to tan!!!

summer love

// summer friends are the best friends //

This is my last week of living on my beautiful island home of Bali, next week I'm moving away to a landlocked country, to Laos. So I'm spending my time appreciating everything island life has to offer, first and foremost the beach.


Summer #splendidsummer


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That's my summer vacay packing. I always pack way to many bags

summer fun