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Doctor Who: The Stone Rose. Read by David Tennant. This is brilliant! David is so talented :) I love the way he does everyone.

Doctor Who: The Stone Rose read by David Tennant! Can I listen to 2 hours and 22 minutes of David Tennant's voice without swooning? Well, I'll try.

ya, Rose wins for sure...

I love her but yeah rose wins. by the way sorry for the curse word!

I'm gonna go cry now

:'( nooooo so sad. Why Dr. Why must you make me feel so sad that Rose is gone?

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Quote from Dr Who: Rose Tyler: I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself. I take the words. [Rose lifts her hand and takes the words from the Bad Wolf Corporation sign] Rose Tyler: .I scatter them, in time and space. [the words float off away from them] Rose

Doctor Who Children in Need mini episode 2005

Doctor Who Children in Need This is the inbetween of The Parting of the Ways and the Christmas Special- it's when Rose first meets the tenth Doctor (basically). You can watch the whole thing or skip to about to get the part you wouldn't have seen.

Exclusive Doctor Who Scene-- The Doctor playing David Tennant... Omigosh how have I NOT seen this before??? <<-- Hilarious!

Tonight's The Night Exclusive Doctor Who Scene A Doctor Who fan's dream come true with John Barrowman and David Tennant.

I have 2 more episodes left with the 10th doctor before he regenerates ... eek \\

Ignore the stupid song rip-off. Look at that eyebrow. I adore that eyebrow. Second best eyebrow in the business, that eyebrow.

Do you want to steal a TARDIS?

Do you wanna steal a TARDIS? - Do you wanna build a snowman parody. I love this! His face cracks me up!

People are awful! ...then again, I am repinning this...

Roses are red. The TARDIS is blue. The Doctor once said, Rose Tyler I. Do you feel it Whovians? Do you?